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Blockchain is a very powerful emerging technology that allows people, parties, companies to execute transactions online securely in a P2P network without needing to use an intermediary. It is an append-only database that stores all the transactions that took place on that particular blockchain network. There are many public blockchains that anyone can participate in with equal rights as anyone else to read and write the database. Popular examples are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Liteoin, and others. Because of the very nature of public blockchains, being public, corporates are hesitant in exploring or adopting this technology. There are ways to create blockchains with read/ write access controls and are called permissioned blockchains or private blockchains. Corporates are easy on such blockchains and are ready to explore its use cases in their businesses. This course is suitable for: All software developers working in Blockchain Technology All students interested in learning about Blockchain Technology

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